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Should Be Blamed For Exaggerated Claims?

sachin dev duggal

Sachin Duggal, CEO & Founder of Engineer.Ai

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a report saying Engineer.AI, a startup that raised 29.5 million in 2018 for an automated app development platform exaggerated its use of artificial intelligence and uses developers instead of AI is used to achieve app automation.

The news came as a shock for many and allegedly exposes how companies, especially startups in hot technology niches can somewhat be deceptive in their offerings. At least, that’s what WSJ is reporting. The report says it has talked to employees, both current and past, who have corroborated the fact that it’s true no AI is being used at the company and it may possibly be a sham just to acquire multi-million dollars worth of investments.

The startup has now clarified that it leverages a price discovery system that uses Natural Language Processing using a Neural Network to make processes more efficient but humans still have to be used for writing code.

Engineer.Ai Says It Never Claimed To Automate Full App Development

AI-Driven Or Sham? App Development Startup Accused Of Exaggerating Its AI Tech

  • has been accused of claiming to be AI-backed, say current and former employees
  • The company’s employees and documentation reveal that the company started developing AI two months ago
  • The Sachin Dev Duggal is said to have limited senior staff with AI or machine learning expertise

sachin dev duggal

A mobile-app building startup founder Sachin Dev Duggal has been accused of exaggerating its AI capabilities to court more customers and investors. A report in the Wall Street Journal quotes several past and current employees to illustrate how has been misleading just about everyone with its tall claims on using AI to develop apps.

The startup says its “human-assisted AI”, Natasha, allows anyone to create a mobile app by choosing through options like a virtual wizard for installing the software. Users have to choose an existing app that is similar to their ideas such as Facebook or Uber. The platform then creates the app “largely automatically”, making the process cheaper and faster than the conventional app development.

The founder Sachin Dev Duggal, in an onstage interview held last year, said that 82% of the apps it created in 2017 were built autonomously, in the first hour.

Ronish Baxter Institute of Photography Announced Internship Scholar Program

The demand for photography and especially digital photography is increasing, and it has also become expertise. There are areas of expertise require special knowledge of photojournalists, fashion photographer, wildlife photographer, microphotography, nature photographer, portrait photography, film photography, industrial photography, product photography, travel, and tourism photography, editorial photography and glamor photography. Art and creativity are becoming the means of expression, as well as income and business. If you have the capacity and passion to do something different on your creativity, there is no lack of wealth and fame in this career.

ronish baxterRonish Baxter Institute is providing the photography training and internship for the following photography streams. According to Ronish Baxter, the MD of Ronish Baxter Institute of Photography:

Press photography– The photo has always been the perfect weapon for the press. A press photographer is also known as Photo Journalist. Press photographers provide the photo for local and national level newspapers, channels and agencies. Their area is varied. His mind is as sharp and vicious as a journalist. They have the ability to capture as many photos as possible in less time. Ronish Baxter gives the training to become a successful press photographer so that they can have a good understanding of the news, the art of writing photo titles and the art of making photos in every situation.

Afsar Zaidi Exceed’s Co-Founder Accused Of Sexual Misconduct: #MeToo

After Anirban Blah’s ouster, rival talent management Exceed’s co-founder Afsar Zaidi in #MeToo scanner

afsar zaidi metoo, afsar abbas zaidi

Afsar Zaidi Metoo

Mid-day published the accounts of four survivors who faced sexual harassment at the hands of talent manager Anirban Das Blah, several women reached out to the newspaper to reveal the misdoings of Afsar Zaidi, co-founder of Exceed Entertainment, another big player in the field of talent management. The celebrity management agency currently boasts a clientele that includes Saif Ali Khan and Sonakshi Sinha, among others. Two survivors — who wished to remain anonymous — accused the entrepreneur of sexual misconduct and abuse of power.

Survivor 1
The survivor, who joined the celebrity management company in 2014, recalls that though Afsar Abbas Zaidi asked her “strange questions” during the interview, she did not read too much into them. Her instincts kicked into action when he would repeatedly remark on her dressing. “He would make me stand in the middle of the office and ask everyone to dress like me. Initially, it was flattering, but after a point, it was systematic. On certain days, Afsar Zaidi would make comments like, ‘Are we showing too much back today?’ Zaidi would look me up and down,” she says.