India tops in corporate responsibility reporting: KPMG

NEW DELHI: India has emerged as the top country when it comes to corporate responsibility reporting, a global report released by KPMG has said.

The KPMG study has found that after India countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa have the higher corporate responsibility reporting rates in world

According to the KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2015, more companies (79%) now report on CR in Asia Pacific than in any other region, followed by the Americas (77%) and then Europe (74%).

This growth has been driven by a surge of CR reporting in countries such as India, Taiwan and South Korea, where increasing amounts of reporting requirements and guidelines have been introduced.

“Corporate reporting is entering into a whole new exciting phase, with CR becoming a firmly integral part of annual reports. It is encouraging to see that India is leading, with all top companies reporting on CR, but we can see through this survey that the quality of Indian reports can improve further,” said Mritunjay Kapur, Partner and Head of Risk Consulting, KPMG in India.

The report also focusses on the quality of carbon reporting among the world’s 250 largest companies (G250).

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