Ola and Uber in Big Trouble as Hyderabad and Bengaluru to Join the Strike

Drivers employed with Ola and Uber are planning to expand the reach of their strikes to other cities like Chennai and Bengaluru, after services were disrupted in Delhi for 3 days.

On February 15, five thousand drivers in Chennai, twenty five thousand drivers in Hyderabad and fifty thousand drivers in Bengaluru have planned to announce a strike.

Tanveer Pasha, President of the Ola, TaxiForSure and Uber (OUT) Driver’s Union stated that, they are focusing on a strike on some of the major cities of south India. He also stated that, the one lakh monthly revenue promised hasn’t exceeded Rs 30,000 and some of the drivers are forced to pay Rs 16,000 to Rs 18,000 on EMI’s. Pasha also said that, on single day 7,0008,000 drivers protested in Bengaluru and on 15th February, the number is expected to go higher.

When it comes to market size, Bengaluru happens to be the biggest market for Uber and Ola accounting for nearly 1/3rd of the business.

A spokesperson of Uber said that, the company is committed towards ensuring a rewarding entrepreneurial experience for its driving partners through the Uber app. The person also stated that, driving partners are provided the independence and flexibility while accessing this economic opportunity and when issues turn-up, Uber solves them on a 1-to-1 basis.

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