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ATM may turn into a hacker’s paradise at your neighbourhood

ATM may turn into a hacker’s paradise

NEW DELHI: The next time you queue up at the ATM for cash—an experience that has become increasingly onerous since demonetisation— it’s not just the long wait that should worry you. There’s a high probability the cash dispenser runs on software Microsoft stopped supporting more than two years back, thus making it vulnerable to hackers. Card details could be stolen—as they indeed were earlier this year–even as you fret about what to do with the solitary Rs 2,000 note the machine dispenses, if you’re lucky.

How PM Modi kept note ban a closely guarded secret. Who knew?

Pm Modi Note Ban


  • Revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia and five others were privy to the plan.
  • They were supported by a young team of researchers working at PM Modi’s residence.
  • PM Modi told his Cabinet that if note ban failed, he was ready to take blame.

NEW DELHI: PM Modi handpicked a trusted bureaucrat, little known outside India’s financial circles, to spearhead a radical move to abolish 86% of the country’s cash overnight and take aim at the huge shadow economy.